Corona Virus

Christmas tree with mRNA and Antibody

NMIs Nanobodies against Sars-Cov-2

5-prime-cap in CureVacs mRNA

CureVacs LNPs - Mode of Action

Corona Vaccine - CureVac

Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 nCoV-2019

Measles Vaccination

mRNA-LNP by CureVac

Organ on a chip

Mobile Laboratory

Patch Clamp Technique -

CRISPR Cas as a New Tool in Molecular Biology

Cardiotomy Reservoir (Maquet, Getinge Group)

Graphics for new NMI TT Homepage

CureVac's Review in 'Cell Mol Life Sci'

CureVac's RNAntibody

Synovo's new compound

CureVac's Carrier Molecules CVCMs

Cells in 3D cell culture

RNAntibody® by CureVac

Catheter Avalon Elite for MAQUET, Getinge Group

CureVac - the RNA people®

Patch Server - Catch & Patch

Manual Patch Clamp goes automatic -Patchserver

Bioline Coating for Maquet Getinge Group

Klassiker "Biofix" (2003, german)

sodium channel - active

3D Models for NMI TT GmbH

Screening with Roboocyte - film

Condensation of DNA

Bilayer with Potassium Channels

ICSI - Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Blood vessel with blood cells and thrombus

Situs - Heart with Catheters

Screening 96 well cell culture

Oocyte Screen

High Throughput Screening

Patch Clamp Technique - Whole Cell

Patch Clamp Technique - Seal

DNA in Ecap

DNA world


Human Development - Fertilisation

Film: Human Development - before certainty

Human Development - Blastocyst

Corona Virus

Retinal Photoreceptor